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OST Dyno - Unlocked PCM's with Preloaded Custom Tune

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2015 Hellcat
Do you want to simplify your performance modification/upgrade process? We are providing an option to make it even easier!
Are you uncomfortable with loading tunes or datalogging?
Although you will eventually need to become familiar with using a computer we can get you up and running without the need to understand this process immediately.

This offering is designed for the DIY individual or shop that can make the mechanical modifications but are unfamiliar with tuning this platform.

We have been using this process in the shop as well as offering it to remote customers and shops with great results. To utilize this offering you will need to purchase a remote tune from us as well as an unlocked PCM.

This option will allow you to make the upgrades to your vehicle (injectors, pulleys, cam etc.) and simply plug the OST Dyno PCM in and go.

Having completed 100's of these tunes since 2015 there is very little fine tuning needed. The cars start and run great, Micah straps them to the dyno and the majority of the time there are few if any changes to the tune required.

To utilize this offering you will need to purchase a remote tune from us as well as an unlocked PCM: https://shop.ostdyno.com/shop/hellcat-demon-trackhawk/

Here is the link for the "Preloaded Custom Tune" option. After purchasing the PCM and Remote Tune just add this to your cart with the appropriate choice (See option on the page this link directs you to): https://shop.ostdyno.com/shop/shop/...tuning/unlocked-pcm-w-pre-loaded-custom-tune/
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