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2016 SR Auto Group Dodge Challenger Hellcat


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2016 SR Auto Group Dodge Challenger Hellcat

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is enough car to get anyone?s heart racing. This one, though, with its mods from SR Auto Group in Canada, just might give you a heart attack. Don?t worry, it will be worth the medical bill.

This hellish Hellcat now rides super low to the ground with a new kit that has it all but skimming the pavement. Find the most even stretch of road in town for this car. They also widened the body to make this already aggressive car look like it?s out for blood.

The Liberty Walk treatment includes huge fender flares and an impressive set of wheels. This Challenger boasts a set of forged three-piece PUR LG05?s. They have a matte black diamond face and polished step lip that looks fantastic.

The Airrex air suspension system includes a compressor that?s housed in the trunk with lines to all four corners to adjust the pressure up or down. This is the Hellcat that the other Hellcats aren?t going to want to tick off.

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